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Meet the Horses

a person riding a horse

Born 2004

Sassy lives up to her name! She has lots of ideas of her own and loves to go! She does well with people who have experience riding and is loved by many!

a person riding a horse

Born 2014

Comanche is a Morgan/Paint. He came to the ranch in 2015 as a yearling and is a horse that thinks he’s a person!

a group of people standing next to a horse

Born 1999

Diesel is a Quarter horse that is teaching our kiddos how to calf rope at the rodeos.

a person riding a horse

Born 2004

Sage is also a Belgian Morgan cross mare. She has a little go in her and loves to run up any hills!

a person riding a horse

Big Ben
Born 1997

Big Ben is a favorite for the little kids as he follows the trail leader super well!

a man riding a horse

Born 2001

Rowdy has been with Mary for a long time now. He is her favorite mount if she ever gets the chance to ride him!

a brown horse

Born 2000

Lacy came to the ranch in 2016 and is a purebred full Morgan. She is best friends with Sage and great for little riders. Her mane and forelock are to die for!

a horse is standing in the grass

Born 2002

Leo is a Quarter Horse. He is the only horse that we have foaled (he was born here!) Leo is a trail favorite by many and loves attention! He is great for the little riders.

a person standing next to a brown horse

Born 2000

Wrecks was a wild mustang in Utah before being donated to our ranch. He is very gentle and loves to follow Sage around. 

a brown horse standing on top of a grass covered field

Born 2007

Great for Experienced Riders!

a person riding a horse in a field

Born 2008

She is great for anyone learning to ride. One of our day camp students now owns her!

a person riding a horse in a field

Born 2017

Majik was rescued after being starved. She was donated to Bighorn Ranch and is now a beautiful Arabian mare that loves to go fast!

a person standing next to a horse

Half Pint
Born 2002

Half Pint is a Halflinger pony and is as cute as a teddy bear!

a person riding on the back of a brown horse

Born 2010

Elvis is another rescue we took in. He needed training and his feet trimmed, now he’s the sweetest horse and always wants to please you!